“Each period of human evolution  have ended  with a conceptual synthesis  of all  its achievements”
(José Herculano Pires, spiritist philosopher, based on Léon Denis’ words)

This online course takes part of the“SPIRISTIST PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES PROJECT” here posted as a summary of the whole Project, of its  intellectual property according to the Brazilian laws of authorship, which contents and dynamics have been introduced in Spiritists centers in São Paulo, São Paulo City, Brazil, where it has attended hundreds of people interested on Spiritist Philosophy. This Project observes a new interdisciplinary approach by means of Spiritist researches and studies based on the abundant and serious spiritist literature and also laic literature which aspects converge toward Spiritist Doctrine. Also an Interactive Place where students can participate and interact which each other, in a place free of controversies.


Follow the classes below:


1. What is the meaning of Spiritist Philosophy?

2. Philosophy and Spiritist Philosophy – Convergent and Divergent Aspects

3. Spiritist Philosophy: Third Conceptual Synthesis

4. The Mythical Thought

5. From Myth to Reason

6. From Myth to reason in Spiritism

7. Art and Aesthetics / Spiritist Philosophy and Art

8. Spiritism and Philosophical Tradition

9. The Method in Philosophy / The method in Spiritist Philosophy

10. Fundamental Issues in Philosophy / Basic Principles in Spiritism

11. Language /Language and Responsibility

12. The Philosophy of Spirit

13. The man on the way of Truth/ Spiritist Philosophy:overcoming  sensitive

14. Ancient Philosophy (VI to IV BC) Pre-Socratic Period (VI andV BC) – Cosmological or Naturalist Period 

15. Ancient Philosophy / The Primary Causes

16. Ancient Philosophy/ Main Principles of the Universe: God, Spirit and Matter

17. Socrates and Plato, precursors of Christianity and Spiritism (Socrates)

18. Socrates and Plato, precursors of Christianity and Spiritism (Plato)

19. God, Existence and Nature – Aristotle  

20. Christian or Medieval Philosophy (I to XIV AD) – Patristic (I to VIII AD) and Scholastic (IX to XIV AD)

21. Christian or Medieval Philosophy (I to XIV AD) – Patristic (I to VIII AD): Creation of Theology/ St. Augustine  

22. Reasoned Faith: Augustine and Spiritism

23. Christianity and Spiritism / Peter Abelard and Thomas  Aquinas 

24. God, Spirit and Matter / René Descartes 

25. Spiritism and Pantheism – Definitions and Concepts / Baruch de Espinosa

 26. Perceptions and feelings of the soul and the Spirit 

27. The Intelligent Principle / Leibniz

28. Spiritist Theory of Knowledge / Immanuel Kant 

29. Spirit and Matter / Hegel 

30.  Animist Evolution / Bergson 

31.Contemporary Philosophy (nineteenth century to nowadays)  


Author: Sonia Theodoro da Silva

Translation: Salete Herance